Signs to Remodel Your Bathroom


general contractors columbus ohioContinuing to ignore the wear and tear of a bathroom can be detrimental. This goes beyond the less subtle signs of repair and replacement, such as a toilet with a mind of its own or a rusty sink. It may be easy to put off remodeling a bathroom, but it might be the time to reconsider when you begin to notice little things going wrong.

For starters, consider parts of the bathroom often overlooked. The whites in the bathroom have turned yellow, tile grout begins to flake out of its joints, or the ceiling is crumbling from moisture. Of course it could be much worse—damaged bathroom surfaces invite mold and bacteria leading to the possibility of asbestos.

Remodeling a bathroom is often perceived to be a cosmetic endeavor. If that’s the case, you might find yourself stuck in a rock and a hard place because of fluctuating trends in home makeovers. Although yesterday’s trends might resurface, a bathroom showcasing an avocado-and-gold color palette from the 70’s is hinting for a makeover. A new look can be out together by simply using a neutral color in the bathtub and lavatory then accenting it with color on the wall and window treatments.

A wise approach to remodeling your bathroom would be to raise the value of your home. Even making relatively small changes make a difference. Say you have an older home—remodeling an obsolete bathroom adds value. The same applies to changing cheap hardware on an upscale house. Homes with recent bath remodels are shifted into position for a quicker sale; especially in this buyer’s market, and it adds the potential for refunding a chunk of the remodeling expense.

Whether it’s a shift in your family’s needs or accenting the bathroom to better express your style, now might be a good time to consider remodeling a bathroom. Have any questions? Get in touch with us today!

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