Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Think a half bathroom might be too small to be creative with? Think again. At Craftsmen Service, we take pride in making the most out of every space presented to us – no matter the size.

Pulling the shower curtain back in a small bathroom always gives the entire room a lift, almost like turning on the light after sitting in the dark for too long. Today, Many designers are skipping traditional shower curtains by going with wet areas with floor drains. These wet areas can be separated by a frosted-glass partition with a sliding door; it essentially creates a two-room bath.

Sinks can be a tough choice with space constraints in small bathrooms. Pedestal, console, and wall-mounted sinks can free up a lot of space and make your bathroom feel bigger. Compensating for the lack of counter space without feeling compromised can be achieved by placing wall-mounted storage accessories and utilities to create accessibility and sustain style.

Remodeling a bathroom can be anything as simple as upgrading a vanity, replacing a toilet, or even performing a complete overhaul. Regardless of the task at hand, a good layout is important to take into consideration. The layout has a big impact on what a remodeled space could be like and affect the scope and cost of a project. Avoiding relocation of plumbing and electrical lines is ideal, but at times unavoidable.

Figuring out what you want to do with a bathroom space begins by coming up with a list of its shortcomings as well as the features you’d like to keep. Then come up with an order of priorities; you may not be able to get everything. Once that is all said and done, give us a call to see how we can make your custom bathroom in Columbus a reality!