Home Improvements that Increase the Value of Your Home


As the weather finally begins to warm, many people begin to think about starting home improvement projects on the outside of their homes. Why not step back and start by making improvements on the great indoors?  No matter how much time you plan on spending outdoors this spring and summer, making improvements to your home will make it a more enjoyable space for you and your family. Plus, everyone’s got to come in sometime, right?

There are many different ways you can start with your home improvement plans. Here are three simple ways to increase the value of your home with renovations.

  1. Update Your Kitchen. Upgrade the heart of your home by replacing the countertops, cabinet hardware, or faucets today. Each of these improvements are simple and easy ways to update the space. If you’re looking for a more robust overhaul, replacing cabinetry is an option to completely change the look of the space.
  2. Rehabilitate your Bathroom: Arguably, the biggest home turn-off is an outdated bathroom. Lighting has a huge impact, and replacing light fixtures can make a night-and-day difference in your bathroom. Another simple fix is reglazing the bathtub: it’s a small fix that adds a polished look to the entire room.
  3. Let There Be Light: When the sun goes down, you’ll still need the light to keep things going.  Adding or improving light fixtures today can keep your home looking sharp day or night. For maximum appeal, make sure that you’re balancing your personal tastes with current trends.

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Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio – 4 Planning Tips


Are you having bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio thoughts?

Deciding to hire a professional contractor to remodel your bathroom is a smart choice. Many zealous homeowners get the impression from the Internet, DIY shows and magazines that this is the type of job they can do themselves.

Unfortunately, once they get started, they quickly discover they are in over their heads and have feasibly added even more work to their project. That’s about the worst thing.

The best way to avoid this happening to you is to go with a contractor you can trust right from the start – here at Craftsmen Service in Columbus.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #1

bathroom remodeling columbus ohioHire trust, not contractors. Remember that who you work with is the #1 critical element in the success of your project. We’ve seen many disasters.

As a family owned and operated business, we proudly offer service excellence in renovation and remodeling with quality craftsmanship you can feel.

With our extensive bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio expertise and professional experience, you can trust us with upholding your highest expectations for any project. We guarantee five-star standards of reliability, dependability and integrity as well as continuing our solid record of meeting deadlines for every project.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #2

Get plenty of bona fide references. Preferably ones you can speak to and perhaps visit with in person.

Unlike a large corporation, when you call us, you get to talk to the owner of the company directly. You will get to know our family and we will get to know yours. You are included every step of the way so you know exactly how the project is moving forward and what is being done each day.

With us, there are never any hidden fees or unexpected costs. You can always trust that you are getting superior work at the best price in the industry.

When we say quality, we don’t just mean our finished project, but we mean the caliber of everyone working for you. You will discover that passion meets professionalism at Craftsmen Service and it can be seen in each and every one of our projects. Our outstanding reputation accurately speaks for itself.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #3

Work site clean up should be a high priority. Who wants construction debris scattered around their yard? Ask how they manage your project and whether consistent clean up is part of their daily routine.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #4

Many bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio contractors are good. But some don’t give you the real truth about unexpected issues. They do happen. So it’s smart to work with someone who can pinpoint potential problems before work starts.

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