Frantic Bathroom Remodeling Columbus Ohio


bathroom remodeling columbus ohioIf you ask anyone who’s bought a home and interviewed bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio contractors, we suspect you’ll be able to share a few interesting stories.

Why is it so hard to find a remodeler that you trust?

Actually, there’s a few reasons such as…

  • Between 2003-2008 there were millions of handymen who suddenly thought they had the skill to be a U.S. contractor
  • The industry is so wide it’s hard to monitor and flesh out poor contractors
  • It takes enormous effort to interview and call reference

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Interviewing

Forget everything you ever thought was the right way to hire a contractor. With the collapse in the housing industry beginning in 2009, you couldn’t open a newspaper or watch the news without learning about plummeting home values.

There’s good news. Keep reading.

Actually, housing starts (a measurement of how the real estate market is doing) is on the rise. Banks are lending money for new homes and even smaller projects like the ones bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio homeowners have been thinking about for years.

But finding that one company or crew that can do the job right, on time and budget isn’t as easy as it use to be in the good old days. In this economy with Internet and social media replacing what was once a handshake agreement to doing the job right, where do you look for help?

It’s easier than you think.

Storefront Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Experts

It’s easy to set up an LLC, get a business license from city hall and become a business owner. But we always recommend you invest your time and money with good old fashioned research.

As in meeting your contractor in his place of business. Do they have a brick and mortar? Or are they merely working out of an old 1999 Ford F150 hoping to land that next job?

There’s 3 tips to finding bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio experts…

-Verifiable credibility
-Proven trust
-Real references from real people

Is their credibility something you can verify? Can you determine their trustworthiness speaking with a handful of references? If not, keep looking but do yourself a favor. Demand your bids include rock-solid references. Preferably nearby with telephone numbers.

Contact us today to get our 7 questions to ask your next bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio contractor before the dust starts flying.