5 Tips for Successful Home Remodeling in Columbus


Making the decision to remodel your Columbus home is a big step for most families and often has to fit inside a limited budget.  To get the most of your home remodel, follow these 5 tips and you’ll thank yourself later.

Plan Ahead

As with any project of scope and value, it’s very important to keep the big picture in mind and create a detailed plan for the project.  Factor in all costs and financial concerns and any help you’ll need.  It’s wise to have all the details like colors and designs worked out before the work begins.

Find Good Help

When trusting someone with a home repair, don’t shop the bargain bins for talent.  A quality home remodeling contractor can save you immense headache and cost in the long run.  Research local reviews and Google Columbus Custom Remodeling to find the best quality craftsmen and trust their valuable expertise.

Insist on a Detailed Contract

Moving forward with a home renovation without a sturdy contract is dangerous.  It’s vitally important that you and your Columbus home remodeling contractor set specific guidelines for the work to be performed, the expectations of the project, and the costs associated with the work.   Be aware of conditional clauses that may apply if the project changes or hits a snag.

Pack up Your Valuables

This tip is not meant to create mistrust in your valued contractors or their crew, but more to highlight the reality that a major work site will be set up inside your home with more dangers than the typical living space is used to.   It’s a good idea to put valuables, particularly those that are easily damaged, safely in the attic or basement until the job is complete.  The same tip can be said for making sure pets and children are clear of the crew’s working space to avoid undue injury.

Communicate Clearly

If you’ve planned ahead and hired the best crew you can find, you’ll want to make sure the contractor understands your vision and plan clearly without any confusion.  If you have comments or concerns about the process, be sure to communicate these clearly to the contractor in charge of the operation, otherwise confusion can result in a work product you’re unhappy with.

Custom remodeling in Columbus can be a rewarding endeavor if you approach it with careful planning and clear expectations.

6 Ways to Save Money on Your Remodel


When it comes to custom home renovations in Columbus, breaking the bank is everyone’s primary fear.  Alleviate those fears by considering a few of these simple strategies for saving money and optimizing the project.

1. Efficiency Over Size

If the kitchen is cramped and inconvenient for daily use by your family, the first natural instinct is to want to knock out the walls and expand the space.   Oftentimes this is not necessary if you simply utilize the existing space more efficiently.  This can mean smaller, more compact appliances or rethinking the shelf space with expanding cabinets.

2.  Consider Solar Tubes over Skylights

Solar Tubes are metal tube structures that funnel sunlight into lower rooms without actually making structural adjustments to the walls or ceiling.  This can save you money and create a fascinating conversation piece.

3.   Plan your Remodel around Deals

If you plan your project wisely you can often spot deals and sales on the very materials and appliances you’ll need for the interior remodel.   This can be extremely cost-saving when doing the kitchen or bath where all the appliances can take up most of your budget.

4.  Avoid Changing Plumbing or Electrical Wiring

Most remodeling jobs are for aesthetic purposes and don’t necessarily require complete structural changes.  If you can avoid rerouting pipes and wiring, you’ll save a large chunk of coin in the process.  This can free up money for more pleasing upgrades like floors, cabinets, and trim. 

5.  Work with Your Contractor to Find Savings

Most custom home renovations experts in Columbus are familiar with the best places to buy discounted building materials.  If you work hand-in-hand with your contractor, you can save a significant amount of money on the raw materials.