4 Trends in Kitchen Remodeling


The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you entertain and where your family gathers. It’s extremely important that when remodeling your kitchen you think about what suits your personality and lifestyle while considering today’s top trends. Four trends in 2014 kitchen remodels are:

  • Dark or white kitchen cabinets - Natural oak is turning into a thing of the past. Pure white and very dark (think furniture-like finishes) are currently very popular for cabinets.
  • Islands reinvented – The traditional kitchen island has been reinvented to fit your lifestyle. Islands are now three-dimensional, functioning as food-prep areas, snack stations, wine storage, and display cabinets for your precious items. They also help to partition an open floor plan and direct guests toward seating areas.
  • Glass finishes – Glass isn’t just for cabinet doors anymore. It is showing up as tiles in backsplashes as well. Today’s contemporary look can be accomplished by applying clear glass panels over walls painted soft colors, giving walls a deep sheen.
  • Airy kitchens - Outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas are growing in popularity. Connecting your outdoor kitchen to its indoor counterpart makes the space as functional as it is fun.


Contact Craftsman today and get your kitchen on trend for 2014!

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