Since 2000

Craftsman Service Company has been developing their niche as one of the premier home remodeling companies of the greater Columbus areas. Through the experience of the owner and over 18 years in the business, there is nothing we have not seen and no project we cannot accomplish. What makes a great remodel is not the ability to complete the work, but the ability to deal with all the unexpected things you find during the process to reach the fished project you had envisioned. We guarantee quality and we will not leave a job until it is completely finished to satisfaction.

When contracting with us you will be provided with the services of people with proven and dedicated skills. Between us and our subcontractors, we each have our own niche in the process that we have mastered. The benefit to you as our client is that you will avoid the trial and error through our years of finding the right people to complete the task. It is in this way that we efficiently provide the highest quality of service possible, all with Craftsman Service Company’s guarantee of satisfaction.

Family Owned & Operated

Being a family company means that you will get to know us and we will get to know you. When you call you will get to talk to the owner. We will come to your home to listen to your ideas and incorporate our experience to achieve your design goals and vision of the project. Using our state of the art design software, we will create a layout, as well as 3d images for you to view what the finished product will look like, and provide estimates for labor and materials. We will then refer you to where we have found the highest quality products in Columbus for the most reasonable prices. If you accept our estimate, we will then schedule the day to begin your remodel and your dream space will become a reality. Take some time to view some of our finished products for design ideas and inspiration or read some of our testimonials.

Bill Shepherd - Craftsmen Owner

"I have always had a passion for building things. I started buying tools right out of highschool, building and selling handmade furniture and clocks. I started this company with my son Luke in 2000. In the beginning we mostly did handyman work and over time we developed a niche for kitchen and bathroom renovations.

I am a hands on owner, working with employees and overseeing every project. We are prompt, courteous, and treat your home with respect. We do not require huge down payments, and you will see the work being accomplished as you pay."

Luke Shepherd - Project Manager

Luke is the co founder of Craftsman Service Company with over 18 years of full time renovation experience.  He works with and supervises our other employees.  He is knowledgeable in all aspects of remodeling.  Being highly skilled with layouts and customer service, Luke listens to your input and ideas and works with you to accomplish the finished product you desire.
Adam Shepherd - Project Manager

Adam has been working with the company for the past 13 years of which 5 years were part time while attending college and 8 years full time.  After graduating with a degree in industrial hygiene he decided to pursue the work he loved and continue the family business.  Working with some of the most highly skilled people in the remodeling business, Adam has quickly gained a vast amount of remodeling knowledge and has an eye for detail.  He will work with you and our employees to help achieve all of your remodeling goals.
Matt Shepherd - Craftman

Matt has extensive experience renovating houses. As the son of a carpenter, he has been involved with the trade from an early age. Matt enjoyed 15 years fabricating precision metal parts for the aerospace industry, including helicopter and missile parts. He was accustomed to working with tolerances of a few hundred thousandths of an inch. Matt is also an accomplished luthier, he has designed, built, and sold many hand made custom Mandolins and Guitars. His experience has made him a perfect fit for installing ceramic tile and other close tolerance carpentry work. Matt has a keen eye for perfection and quality.