Bathroom Lighting Tips


bathroom remodeling columbus ohioYour bathroom is a very personal space. It’s the room you use to get ready each morning, take a relaxing shower or bath, and take care of yourself. We spend hours of time in our bathrooms, so why are they often neglected when it comes to décor and lighting? At Craftsmen, we have lighting tips that will transform your bathroom from a practical room to an enjoyable personal space.

Bathroom lighting is comprised of three different types of lighting: task, ambient, and accent. Task lighting is named because it is used where you complete a task. The bathroom sink is the perfect place for task lighting since this is where you shave, brush your teeth, and do your make-up. Task lighting should not be placed right above the mirror since this can distort your face and cause shadows. The best place for task lighting is on the sides of the mirror, since this placement gives a more even glow to the mirror.

Ambient lighting is used to light the remainder of the bathroom and often does not have an identifiable source. This is the most common type of lighting for bathrooms, and often is not creative. However, you can improve ambient lighting by adding a chandelier or pendant lamp rather than a fluorescent. You could also try recessed lighting to give a more relaxing tone to your room.

Accent lighting is used to highlight particular objects in your bathroom to create an artistic affect. Lamps, spotlights, and track lighting are all types of accent lighting. Objects you can highlight include pictures, glass, or shelves. Accent lighting adds a special homely touch to your room.

Craftsmen has every type of lighting you can imagine to transform your bathroom into a space you can relax and enjoy. Browse our selection today!

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