Home Improvements that Increase the Value of Your Home


As the weather finally begins to warm, many people begin to think about starting home improvement projects on the outside of their homes. Why not step back and start by making improvements on the great indoors?  No matter how much time you plan on spending outdoors this spring and summer, making improvements to your home will make it a more enjoyable space for you and your family. Plus, everyone’s got to come in sometime, right?

There are many different ways you can start with your home improvement plans. Here are three simple ways to increase the value of your home with renovations.

  1. Update Your Kitchen. Upgrade the heart of your home by replacing the countertops, cabinet hardware, or faucets today. Each of these improvements are simple and easy ways to update the space. If you’re looking for a more robust overhaul, replacing cabinetry is an option to completely change the look of the space.
  2. Rehabilitate your Bathroom: Arguably, the biggest home turn-off is an outdated bathroom. Lighting has a huge impact, and replacing light fixtures can make a night-and-day difference in your bathroom. Another simple fix is reglazing the bathtub: it’s a small fix that adds a polished look to the entire room.
  3. Let There Be Light: When the sun goes down, you’ll still need the light to keep things going.  Adding or improving light fixtures today can keep your home looking sharp day or night. For maximum appeal, make sure that you’re balancing your personal tastes with current trends.

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Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio – 4 Planning Tips


Are you having bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio thoughts?

Deciding to hire a professional contractor to remodel your bathroom is a smart choice. Many zealous homeowners get the impression from the Internet, DIY shows and magazines that this is the type of job they can do themselves.

Unfortunately, once they get started, they quickly discover they are in over their heads and have feasibly added even more work to their project. That’s about the worst thing.

The best way to avoid this happening to you is to go with a contractor you can trust right from the start – here at Craftsmen Service in Columbus.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #1

bathroom remodeling columbus ohioHire trust, not contractors. Remember that who you work with is the #1 critical element in the success of your project. We’ve seen many disasters.

As a family owned and operated business, we proudly offer service excellence in renovation and remodeling with quality craftsmanship you can feel.

With our extensive bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio expertise and professional experience, you can trust us with upholding your highest expectations for any project. We guarantee five-star standards of reliability, dependability and integrity as well as continuing our solid record of meeting deadlines for every project.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #2

Get plenty of bona fide references. Preferably ones you can speak to and perhaps visit with in person.

Unlike a large corporation, when you call us, you get to talk to the owner of the company directly. You will get to know our family and we will get to know yours. You are included every step of the way so you know exactly how the project is moving forward and what is being done each day.

With us, there are never any hidden fees or unexpected costs. You can always trust that you are getting superior work at the best price in the industry.

When we say quality, we don’t just mean our finished project, but we mean the caliber of everyone working for you. You will discover that passion meets professionalism at Craftsmen Service and it can be seen in each and every one of our projects. Our outstanding reputation accurately speaks for itself.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #3

Work site clean up should be a high priority. Who wants construction debris scattered around their yard? Ask how they manage your project and whether consistent clean up is part of their daily routine.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #4

Many bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio contractors are good. But some don’t give you the real truth about unexpected issues. They do happen. So it’s smart to work with someone who can pinpoint potential problems before work starts.

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4 Trends in Kitchen Remodeling


The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you entertain and where your family gathers. It’s extremely important that when remodeling your kitchen you think about what suits your personality and lifestyle while considering today’s top trends. Four trends in 2014 kitchen remodels are:

  • Dark or white kitchen cabinets - Natural oak is turning into a thing of the past. Pure white and very dark (think furniture-like finishes) are currently very popular for cabinets.
  • Islands reinvented – The traditional kitchen island has been reinvented to fit your lifestyle. Islands are now three-dimensional, functioning as food-prep areas, snack stations, wine storage, and display cabinets for your precious items. They also help to partition an open floor plan and direct guests toward seating areas.
  • Glass finishes – Glass isn’t just for cabinet doors anymore. It is showing up as tiles in backsplashes as well. Today’s contemporary look can be accomplished by applying clear glass panels over walls painted soft colors, giving walls a deep sheen.
  • Airy kitchens - Outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas are growing in popularity. Connecting your outdoor kitchen to its indoor counterpart makes the space as functional as it is fun.


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Bathroom Lighting Tips


bathroom remodeling columbus ohioYour bathroom is a very personal space. It’s the room you use to get ready each morning, take a relaxing shower or bath, and take care of yourself. We spend hours of time in our bathrooms, so why are they often neglected when it comes to décor and lighting? At Craftsmen, we have lighting tips that will transform your bathroom from a practical room to an enjoyable personal space.

Bathroom lighting is comprised of three different types of lighting: task, ambient, and accent. Task lighting is named because it is used where you complete a task. The bathroom sink is the perfect place for task lighting since this is where you shave, brush your teeth, and do your make-up. Task lighting should not be placed right above the mirror since this can distort your face and cause shadows. The best place for task lighting is on the sides of the mirror, since this placement gives a more even glow to the mirror.

Ambient lighting is used to light the remainder of the bathroom and often does not have an identifiable source. This is the most common type of lighting for bathrooms, and often is not creative. However, you can improve ambient lighting by adding a chandelier or pendant lamp rather than a fluorescent. You could also try recessed lighting to give a more relaxing tone to your room.

Accent lighting is used to highlight particular objects in your bathroom to create an artistic affect. Lamps, spotlights, and track lighting are all types of accent lighting. Objects you can highlight include pictures, glass, or shelves. Accent lighting adds a special homely touch to your room.

Craftsmen has every type of lighting you can imagine to transform your bathroom into a space you can relax and enjoy. Browse our selection today!

How to Choose Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodeling Columbus Ohio


kitchen remodeling columbus ohioWith banks lending more money for kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio homeowners, there’s never been a better time than now to consider upgrading yours.

Kitchen renovations greatly increase the value of your home and can provide a more enjoyable space to cook and entertain guests. Craftsman offers a few suggestions that can help take some of the stress out of the biggest decision of the construction project – choosing the cabinetry.

The secret to finding the right cabinets for your space is finding the perfect balance between three key elements: budget, space, and style. It is important to ask yourself practical questions before you begin shopping to determine what are your “needs” and what are “wants”.

Step One of Kitchen Remodeling Columbus Ohio

Start by creating an itemized budget. This will help you determine how to evenly distribute your money amongst all the needs in the kitchen so that you don’t end up with one expensive piece and have to skimp on the rest. Next, think about the best way to utilize the space.

Often the point of a kitchen renovation is to rework an existing layout to make the workspace more functional. Finally, choose your style options, such as stained or painted cabinets. Stained are typically pricier than painted, so consider that in your budget. Design elements like floating shelves add visual interest to your space and can be cheaper than closed storage.

Step Two of Kitchen Remodeling Columbus Ohio

Think about your family. Do you have small children? If so, choosing white or light colored cabinets is not a good idea. Small hands come with dirt and grime after a busy day playing.

We recommend thinking about your cabinet care when selecting colors. We’ve seen more than a few homeowners pick white cabinets only to discover the cleaning aspect is overwhelming with a busy household raising children. That’s why we approach kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio with your future in mind.

Big Ideas in Little Places


Your bathroom should be a relaxing place in your home. It should be the place where you can take care of your personal business comfortably and efficiently. Completing tasks in the bathroom becomes difficult when the space is small, particularly if you share the bathroom with family members or roommates. Cramped bathrooms often make you feel stressed, which is not a great way to start off your day.  Small bathrooms can still be a comfortable personal space, however. It’s all about selecting design elements to maximize your space.

Replacing key fixtures in your bathroom is one of the best ways to improve your space and give you more room. The shower takes up the most room in the bathroom, and selecting the wrong utilities for your shower makes your bathroom feel restricted. Replacing a shower curtain with a clear shower door often makes a huge improvement to the feel of your room. Many decorators opt for a completely open shower with indented drains so that there is no door impeding the space. Also, always select a large mirror for your bathroom to give the eye the appearance of a bigger room.

Storage can be a major issue when working with small spaces. You want your bathroom to have enough room for towels and personal hygiene products. Converting one wall into a double sink gives you more room if you share a bathroom and also provides more counter space as well as storage underneath. Installing shelves around the room and overhead cabinets creates more storage as well.

Small doesn’t have to mean cramped if you make smart choices when selecting bathroom fixtures. Choosing a layout that maximizes storage and gives the appearance of a larger room will reduce stress and create a space that’s both functional and pleasant.

Basement Remodeling Columbus Ohio – 3 Mistakes


basement remodeling columbus ohioBasement remodeling Columbus, Ohio mistakes are always avoidable with the right planning.

Taking on a remodeling project can be costly and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Before jump-starting a remodel, it’s smart to consider what you learned from previous home improvement projects in an attempt to prevent this one from ending up trashed.

Basement Remodeling Columbus, Ohio & Planning

There’s no reason to jump the gun on moving forward with a project idea. Take the time to develop a strong plan, price it, and then work it. Knowing what you’re looking to do only means you’re halfway there. For example, we at Craftsmen would make a site visit first to get a feel for what our client wants and then develop a design and plan that would be revised multiple times in every basement remodeling Columbus, Ohio project we do. Once we’ve finished revising the design, we have a project that is well-planned, addresses perceivable eventualities, and accommodates unforeseen events that are likely to happen in a remodel.

Small Budget & Basement Remodeling Columbus, Ohio

An unrealistic budget is one that isn’t elastic; more often than not, a budget will need wiggle room. A budget should be calculated at the outset then increased by 20%. Having that cushion allows peace of mind for unhappy surprises, like when during the demolition of your kitchen walls rot in your load-bearing studs is discovered, or when it becomes evident that a whole wall needs to be rewired.

Changing Your Mind, Over And Over Again

Once you’ve lit the green light on a project, the best bet is to stick to the plan. Otherwise, going against the grain can get expensive fast. Many people change their mind after hanging the drywall. Then it needs to be torn out and the project starts from the drawing board again; that’s money that doesn’t have to be spent.

Remember, basement remodeling Columbus, Ohio experts can help you increase your living space while adding value to your home.

Craftsmen specializes in custom quality remodeling you will admire for years. Leave the headache to someone else. Contact us today to get your project started.

Basement remodeling Columbus, Ohio is one of our specialties.

Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Think a half bathroom might be too small to be creative with? Think again. At Craftsmen Service, we take pride in making the most out of every space presented to us – no matter the size.

Pulling the shower curtain back in a small bathroom always gives the entire room a lift, almost like turning on the light after sitting in the dark for too long. Today, Many designers are skipping traditional shower curtains by going with wet areas with floor drains. These wet areas can be separated by a frosted-glass partition with a sliding door; it essentially creates a two-room bath.

Sinks can be a tough choice with space constraints in small bathrooms. Pedestal, console, and wall-mounted sinks can free up a lot of space and make your bathroom feel bigger. Compensating for the lack of counter space without feeling compromised can be achieved by placing wall-mounted storage accessories and utilities to create accessibility and sustain style.

Remodeling a bathroom can be anything as simple as upgrading a vanity, replacing a toilet, or even performing a complete overhaul. Regardless of the task at hand, a good layout is important to take into consideration. The layout has a big impact on what a remodeled space could be like and affect the scope and cost of a project. Avoiding relocation of plumbing and electrical lines is ideal, but at times unavoidable.

Figuring out what you want to do with a bathroom space begins by coming up with a list of its shortcomings as well as the features you’d like to keep. Then come up with an order of priorities; you may not be able to get everything. Once that is all said and done, give us a call to see how we can make your custom bathroom in Columbus a reality!

Bathroom Lighting Ideas


When it comes to lighting in interior design, bathrooms are often overlooked in Columbus Ohio. It’s easy to find galleries filled with pictures of lighting ideas for the kitchen and living room. This blog will help raise the bathroom curtain on an array of lighting designs.

The bathroom is essentially the comfort room; we all begin and end the day there. It’s a place to relax, so why wouldn’t we give it some importance by installing lighting to set the right mood?

Variations in types of lighting include task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting.

Task lighting is used on areas where duties are performed –  think of areas that are better suited highlighted by a brighter light. Task areas are usually the places in the bathroom where you groom, shave, wash your face, and brush your teeth. More often than not, many make the mistake of installing fixtures above the mirror or on the ceiling directly above the mirror. In contrast, vertical lighting on the side of the mirror leaves a great result.

Ambient lighting is an available light from all directions in a room without any visible light source. This type of lighting is most popular among bathroom remodels, it’s simple and doesn’t cause any hassle or complications. Although any homeowner can still find ways to be innovative with it. For instance, instead of installing a fluorescent on the ceiling, try a pendant lamp, chandelier, or cove lighting.

Lastly is accent lighting, it gives focus and shape to a room. It also adds depth and shade to a particular object. This type of lighting can be formed through spotlights, tracks, and table lamps. You can be creative with it as well; choose which objects should be highlighted and accent lighting will give them depth.

Kitchen Remodeling Columbus, Ohio


Kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio projects don’t have to be a chore nor a challenge to get what you truly want and here’s why…

kitchen remodeling columbus ohio The home kitchen is where memories are made and tummies are filled! One of the few pleasures in life is the joy of good eating. But without a proper kitchen set up for your needs, preparing feasts for different occasions or everyday needs is very frustrating. The perfect solution might just be to have your kitchen remodeled, and this is one of our top of the line services here at Craftsmen Services!

Finding a business to perform a kitchen remodeling service in Columbus that you can be truly happy with can be a challenge if you aren’t sure what to consider. So let us tell you a little about ourselves.

Kitchen Remodeling Columbus, Ohio You Can Trust

We are a family owned and operated business that is in touch with real families. We understand and value the importance of getting your dream kitchen remodeled to your tastes, because we understand that this is going to be a place of experiences that should be enjoyable for years to come.

We work closely with kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio families to educate them along the way and help them decide upon the perfect materials and the tasteful look that they would like to bring to life. You have many kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio choices. So we make it easy and fun by treating your remodel as if it were our home.

How We Do Kitchen Remodeling Columbus, Ohio

What we do is work with you to flesh out the perfect design by coming to your home and speaking with you directly. From here we can give you an estimate. Once you see what’s possible for your remodeled kitchen and accept our estimate, we’ll set up a start date. We’re very proud of our 90% project start rate compared to many other kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio service providers.

We also value your home environment as much as you do. Kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio doesn’t need to include living in chaos. Although it’s impossible to keep all dust particles at bay, we…

-Go the extra mile to maintain the work area
-Build plastic wall structures protecting your home
-Keep dirt and dust contained
-Specialize in kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio trends
-Pick up debris at the end of each day

Review our gallery of past work to get a feel for what we can accomplish. Don’t hesitate if you’re sick of your old surroundings. So many of our customers love our personal approach to custom kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio. Since we’re devoted to perfection, your next project will be handled with genuine craftsmanship. It’s one of the reasons we’re one of the leaders in kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio.

So often homeowners worry about their budget. Our staff is trained to help you learn about new kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio finance options.

To set-up an appointment where we can come out and say “Hello” and show you what we can do for you, contact our kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio team.