Basement Remodeling Columbus Ohio – 3 Mistakes


basement remodeling columbus ohioBasement remodeling Columbus, Ohio mistakes are always avoidable with the right planning.

Taking on a remodeling project can be costly and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Before jump-starting a remodel, it’s smart to consider what you learned from previous home improvement projects in an attempt to prevent this one from ending up trashed.

Basement Remodeling Columbus, Ohio & Planning

There’s no reason to jump the gun on moving forward with a project idea. Take the time to develop a strong plan, price it, and then work it. Knowing what you’re looking to do only means you’re halfway there. For example, we at Craftsmen would make a site visit first to get a feel for what our client wants and then develop a design and plan that would be revised multiple times in every basement remodeling Columbus, Ohio project we do. Once we’ve finished revising the design, we have a project that is well-planned, addresses perceivable eventualities, and accommodates unforeseen events that are likely to happen in a remodel.

Small Budget & Basement Remodeling Columbus, Ohio

An unrealistic budget is one that isn’t elastic; more often than not, a budget will need wiggle room. A budget should be calculated at the outset then increased by 20%. Having that cushion allows peace of mind for unhappy surprises, like when during the demolition of your kitchen walls rot in your load-bearing studs is discovered, or when it becomes evident that a whole wall needs to be rewired.

Changing Your Mind, Over And Over Again

Once you’ve lit the green light on a project, the best bet is to stick to the plan. Otherwise, going against the grain can get expensive fast. Many people change their mind after hanging the drywall. Then it needs to be torn out and the project starts from the drawing board again; that’s money that doesn’t have to be spent.

Remember, basement remodeling Columbus, Ohio experts can help you increase your living space while adding value to your home.

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