Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio – 4 Planning Tips


Are you having bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio thoughts?

Deciding to hire a professional contractor to remodel your bathroom is a smart choice. Many zealous homeowners get the impression from the Internet, DIY shows and magazines that this is the type of job they can do themselves.

Unfortunately, once they get started, they quickly discover they are in over their heads and have feasibly added even more work to their project. That’s about the worst thing.

The best way to avoid this happening to you is to go with a contractor you can trust right from the start – here at Craftsmen Service in Columbus.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #1

bathroom remodeling columbus ohioHire trust, not contractors. Remember that who you work with is the #1 critical element in the success of your project. We’ve seen many disasters.

As a family owned and operated business, we proudly offer service excellence in renovation and remodeling with quality craftsmanship you can feel.

With our extensive bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio expertise and professional experience, you can trust us with upholding your highest expectations for any project. We guarantee five-star standards of reliability, dependability and integrity as well as continuing our solid record of meeting deadlines for every project.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #2

Get plenty of bona fide references. Preferably ones you can speak to and perhaps visit with in person.

Unlike a large corporation, when you call us, you get to talk to the owner of the company directly. You will get to know our family and we will get to know yours. You are included every step of the way so you know exactly how the project is moving forward and what is being done each day.

With us, there are never any hidden fees or unexpected costs. You can always trust that you are getting superior work at the best price in the industry.

When we say quality, we don’t just mean our finished project, but we mean the caliber of everyone working for you. You will discover that passion meets professionalism at Craftsmen Service and it can be seen in each and every one of our projects. Our outstanding reputation accurately speaks for itself.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #3

Work site clean up should be a high priority. Who wants construction debris scattered around their yard? Ask how they manage your project and whether consistent clean up is part of their daily routine.

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus, Ohio Tip #4

Many bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio contractors are good. But some don’t give you the real truth about unexpected issues. They do happen. So it’s smart to work with someone who can pinpoint potential problems before work starts.

Contact us for a free consult today about bathroom remodeling Columbus, Ohio designs.

Bathroom Lighting Tips


bathroom remodeling columbus ohioYour bathroom is a very personal space. It’s the room you use to get ready each morning, take a relaxing shower or bath, and take care of yourself. We spend hours of time in our bathrooms, so why are they often neglected when it comes to décor and lighting? At Craftsmen, we have lighting tips that will transform your bathroom from a practical room to an enjoyable personal space.

Bathroom lighting is comprised of three different types of lighting: task, ambient, and accent. Task lighting is named because it is used where you complete a task. The bathroom sink is the perfect place for task lighting since this is where you shave, brush your teeth, and do your make-up. Task lighting should not be placed right above the mirror since this can distort your face and cause shadows. The best place for task lighting is on the sides of the mirror, since this placement gives a more even glow to the mirror.

Ambient lighting is used to light the remainder of the bathroom and often does not have an identifiable source. This is the most common type of lighting for bathrooms, and often is not creative. However, you can improve ambient lighting by adding a chandelier or pendant lamp rather than a fluorescent. You could also try recessed lighting to give a more relaxing tone to your room.

Accent lighting is used to highlight particular objects in your bathroom to create an artistic affect. Lamps, spotlights, and track lighting are all types of accent lighting. Objects you can highlight include pictures, glass, or shelves. Accent lighting adds a special homely touch to your room.

Craftsmen has every type of lighting you can imagine to transform your bathroom into a space you can relax and enjoy. Browse our selection today!

Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Think a half bathroom might be too small to be creative with? Think again. At Craftsmen Service, we take pride in making the most out of every space presented to us – no matter the size.

Pulling the shower curtain back in a small bathroom always gives the entire room a lift, almost like turning on the light after sitting in the dark for too long. Today, Many designers are skipping traditional shower curtains by going with wet areas with floor drains. These wet areas can be separated by a frosted-glass partition with a sliding door; it essentially creates a two-room bath.

Sinks can be a tough choice with space constraints in small bathrooms. Pedestal, console, and wall-mounted sinks can free up a lot of space and make your bathroom feel bigger. Compensating for the lack of counter space without feeling compromised can be achieved by placing wall-mounted storage accessories and utilities to create accessibility and sustain style.

Remodeling a bathroom can be anything as simple as upgrading a vanity, replacing a toilet, or even performing a complete overhaul. Regardless of the task at hand, a good layout is important to take into consideration. The layout has a big impact on what a remodeled space could be like and affect the scope and cost of a project. Avoiding relocation of plumbing and electrical lines is ideal, but at times unavoidable.

Figuring out what you want to do with a bathroom space begins by coming up with a list of its shortcomings as well as the features you’d like to keep. Then come up with an order of priorities; you may not be able to get everything. Once that is all said and done, give us a call to see how we can make your custom bathroom in Columbus a reality!

Bathroom Lighting Ideas


When it comes to lighting in interior design, bathrooms are often overlooked in Columbus Ohio. It’s easy to find galleries filled with pictures of lighting ideas for the kitchen and living room. This blog will help raise the bathroom curtain on an array of lighting designs.

The bathroom is essentially the comfort room; we all begin and end the day there. It’s a place to relax, so why wouldn’t we give it some importance by installing lighting to set the right mood?

Variations in types of lighting include task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting.

Task lighting is used on areas where duties are performed –  think of areas that are better suited highlighted by a brighter light. Task areas are usually the places in the bathroom where you groom, shave, wash your face, and brush your teeth. More often than not, many make the mistake of installing fixtures above the mirror or on the ceiling directly above the mirror. In contrast, vertical lighting on the side of the mirror leaves a great result.

Ambient lighting is an available light from all directions in a room without any visible light source. This type of lighting is most popular among bathroom remodels, it’s simple and doesn’t cause any hassle or complications. Although any homeowner can still find ways to be innovative with it. For instance, instead of installing a fluorescent on the ceiling, try a pendant lamp, chandelier, or cove lighting.

Lastly is accent lighting, it gives focus and shape to a room. It also adds depth and shade to a particular object. This type of lighting can be formed through spotlights, tracks, and table lamps. You can be creative with it as well; choose which objects should be highlighted and accent lighting will give them depth.

Signs to Remodel Your Bathroom


general contractors columbus ohioContinuing to ignore the wear and tear of a bathroom can be detrimental. This goes beyond the less subtle signs of repair and replacement, such as a toilet with a mind of its own or a rusty sink. It may be easy to put off remodeling a bathroom, but it might be the time to reconsider when you begin to notice little things going wrong.

For starters, consider parts of the bathroom often overlooked. The whites in the bathroom have turned yellow, tile grout begins to flake out of its joints, or the ceiling is crumbling from moisture. Of course it could be much worse—damaged bathroom surfaces invite mold and bacteria leading to the possibility of asbestos.

Remodeling a bathroom is often perceived to be a cosmetic endeavor. If that’s the case, you might find yourself stuck in a rock and a hard place because of fluctuating trends in home makeovers. Although yesterday’s trends might resurface, a bathroom showcasing an avocado-and-gold color palette from the 70’s is hinting for a makeover. A new look can be out together by simply using a neutral color in the bathtub and lavatory then accenting it with color on the wall and window treatments.

A wise approach to remodeling your bathroom would be to raise the value of your home. Even making relatively small changes make a difference. Say you have an older home—remodeling an obsolete bathroom adds value. The same applies to changing cheap hardware on an upscale house. Homes with recent bath remodels are shifted into position for a quicker sale; especially in this buyer’s market, and it adds the potential for refunding a chunk of the remodeling expense.

Whether it’s a shift in your family’s needs or accenting the bathroom to better express your style, now might be a good time to consider remodeling a bathroom. Have any questions? Get in touch with us today!