Get the Best Bang for Your Buck with Columbus Home Remodeling


As the warm weather of summer sets in, many homeowners are preparing for home improvement projects and remodels. Whether you are remodeling your home to capitalize on the current market, or to update your space to your style, it is important to make improvements that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Very often, small and inexpensive changes to your home can make the biggest impact. Painting is the cheapest way to drastically change the look of your home – both on the inside and out! Remember to keep colors neutral if you have plans to sell your home in the near future.

In the Midwest, finished basements are very popular. However, you may want to think twice before finishing your basement as a way to increase the value of your house. On average, a homeowner who remodels their basement may only see a 63 percent return on investment. If you’re looking for a lasting investment to increase the value of your home, opt for a kitchen remodel. Kitchen remodeling costs less, is highly trafficked during home showings, and offer a higher return on investment!

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Kitchen Remodeling Columbus, Ohio


Kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio projects don’t have to be a chore nor a challenge to get what you truly want and here’s why…

kitchen remodeling columbus ohio The home kitchen is where memories are made and tummies are filled! One of the few pleasures in life is the joy of good eating. But without a proper kitchen set up for your needs, preparing feasts for different occasions or everyday needs is very frustrating. The perfect solution might just be to have your kitchen remodeled, and this is one of our top of the line services here at Craftsmen Services!

Finding a business to perform a kitchen remodeling service in Columbus that you can be truly happy with can be a challenge if you aren’t sure what to consider. So let us tell you a little about ourselves.

Kitchen Remodeling Columbus, Ohio You Can Trust

We are a family owned and operated business that is in touch with real families. We understand and value the importance of getting your dream kitchen remodeled to your tastes, because we understand that this is going to be a place of experiences that should be enjoyable for years to come.

We work closely with kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio families to educate them along the way and help them decide upon the perfect materials and the tasteful look that they would like to bring to life. You have many kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio choices. So we make it easy and fun by treating your remodel as if it were our home.

How We Do Kitchen Remodeling Columbus, Ohio

What we do is work with you to flesh out the perfect design by coming to your home and speaking with you directly. From here we can give you an estimate. Once you see what’s possible for your remodeled kitchen and accept our estimate, we’ll set up a start date. We’re very proud of our 90% project start rate compared to many other kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio service providers.

We also value your home environment as much as you do. Kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio doesn’t need to include living in chaos. Although it’s impossible to keep all dust particles at bay, we…

-Go the extra mile to maintain the work area
-Build plastic wall structures protecting your home
-Keep dirt and dust contained
-Specialize in kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio trends
-Pick up debris at the end of each day

Review our gallery of past work to get a feel for what we can accomplish. Don’t hesitate if you’re sick of your old surroundings. So many of our customers love our personal approach to custom kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio. Since we’re devoted to perfection, your next project will be handled with genuine craftsmanship. It’s one of the reasons we’re one of the leaders in kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio.

So often homeowners worry about their budget. Our staff is trained to help you learn about new kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio finance options.

To set-up an appointment where we can come out and say “Hello” and show you what we can do for you, contact our kitchen remodeling Columbus, Ohio team.

Choosing a Countertop For Your Kitchen


There is more to choosing a new kitchen countertop than basing it on looks alone. The price tag might be the next apparent factor but, for starters, a material’s durability and the maintenance are worth noting.

The key to finding a good fit for your kitchen countertop starts by understanding your family’s needs. A family with three small children that uses the countertops to make school lunches every morning probably shouldn’t go with white granite. If a material doesn’t match their lifestyle, there’s a good chance another material does. Granite, for example, is available in an assortment of shades such as blacks, whites, greens, corals, and beiges, and no two pieces look alike. A polished finish leaves a shiny look that darkens the appearance while honing is soft and matte.

Granite is the most popular choice for kitchen countertops. Other natural stone materials such as marble, limestone, and soapstone are softer in comparison to granite so they depend upon delicate use and more care.

For a bulletproof material, there are engineered stone countertops. Available in more colors than its natural stone counterparts, these are more durable and need little maintenance. However, engineered stone costs around the same as granite.

Laminate would be the most affordable material, with the exception of wood and solid surface countertops. Wood countertops are easy to clean and scratches can be sanded out, but water damages it so it must be oiled often to seal the surface. Solid surface countertops are available in tons of colors, resist stains, and scratches can be buffed out. The downside is that hot pans can damage solid surface countertops.

Above all, before making a decision on countertop material, take the opportunity to see the surface in person by visiting a showroom or viewing samples in-home. Contact us to get a grasp on which material might best suit your style.

Adding an Island to Your Kitchen


Rarely will any homeowner wish they had a smaller kitchen. How often have you run out of counter space? Or wished that your stove and sink were closer together? Kitchen islands are a popular way to increase the real estate in your kitchen while adding some modern flair. Does your kitchen have room for an island, though? Here are a few tips for measuring to decide if an island would be beneficial to you.

  • ŸAn island shouldn’t break into your work triangle by too much. Less than a foot is a good rule for measuring this. Honestly, a good island is worth breaking the triangle just a smidgen. What is your work triangle? It’s the area between your sink, fridge, and stove. If all three are on different walls in the existing kitchen, adding an island will put a big obstacle in the middle of your work triangle. Don’t worry, there’s a way to ease this frustration and still have an island workspace. Think about integrating either the stove or sink into your island. This will add more counter space against the wall and create a more ergonomic work triangle.
  • ŸWalkways between countertops should be at least 36 inches wide. Appliance doors are typically around 32 inches wide. Keep in mind that if you want to walk around an open appliance door, you’ll need even more space. Refrigerators with a single door that are 36 inches or more wide will also need more space.
  • ŸWho else will be in the kitchen with you? Use one side of the island as a table. That’ll give you some space for browsing Pinterest while something’s cooking. Or, it’s a great way to keep kids in sight during dinnertime. Have them do homework while you cook or even help out.

A kitchen island will add space and value to your home, while also giving your family more opportunities to be together.