Hire a Professional Kitchen Contractor for this Year’s Kitchen Upgrade


The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home, where family gathers for meals, games, conversation, and even homework from time to time.  It’s the heart of the home in so many ways.  As the holidays approach, you’re probably thinking about an upgrade to the hearth.  Whether you’re thinking of doing a few light remodels to the cabinets or a full-on, no-joke gut job, a professional contractor can help to alleviate many of the headaches and confusion that come along with the kitchen remodeling process.

Contractors are familiar with the buying patterns of their own industry and can often find the best deals on materials and appliances to outfit your kitchen for aesthetic and functional success.  They are often connected to some of the best designers and craftsmen as well.  When you  have a million other things going on in your life—from board meetings and parent-teacher conferences to soccer practice and planning family game night—the hassle of planning and executing a remodel isn’t necessarily something you want to add to your plate.  That’s where a contractor can help.

Ask a lot of questions when you’re meeting with kitchen remodeling contractors in Columbus.  You’ll want to have plenty of your own design ideas and inspirations but the contractor can help to put these all together in a cohesive strategy that will get you all the things you need and most of the things you want.  Ask friends for recommendations on a good contractor and find someone you feel comfortable partnering with.

Finally, when it comes time for the big project, the contractor can help you strategize the building schedule so that it’s as easy on your family’s normal routine as possible.  With minimal disruption and a professional hand, your kitchen will be gleaming and perfect for this year’s holiday festivities.  Contact Craftsman Service Company for a quote today.

Upgrade Your Columbus Kitchen for the Holidays


It’s almost that time again!   Decorations are going up all over the house and across the neighborhood.  The family will be gathering around the table or the tree and in-laws will be staying in the spare bedroom.  It’s the holidays!   As the leaves are beginning to change color and we begin to set our sights on Halloween parties, Thanksgiving feasts, and Christmas gatherings, now might be a great time to make some renovations to the most sacred of family spaces:  the kitchen.

Remodeling a kitchen is more than just a fresh coat of paint and swapping out the cabinet doors.  Here are a few tips and ideas to make the most of your holiday season in the kitchen.

Expand Wider

There are often many people bustling around the kitchen, especially during holiday gatherings and more space is always a hot commodity.  Consider widening your walkways to at least 42 inches wide.  This ensures enough room for all the family cooks to move around one another, not to mention the tiny people that go tearing through wearing capes and battle helmets.

Give the Island a Purpose

Islands in the center of the kitchen are as popular as they are beautiful and functional.  But it’s important to decide just how the island functions in your kitchen and design it accordingly.  If it’s for cooking or dishes, the design should be high enough to be out of reach for kids.  If it’s more of a breakfast nook for eating, give some thought to where the stools will sit and the walking space around them.  It’s also a good idea to keep the stove well away from the eating area.

Plan for the Chef

In homes where there is a good deal of cooking going on, more counter space is important, especially between the stovetop and the sink.  Plan around the stove as well, creating shelves and racks on the wall behind the stove for spices and cooking utensils.  Think through your cooking process and design a kitchen that supports that process.  It will save you a lot of headaches when you’re preparing dinner for screaming kids and needy spouses!

The holidays are some of our favorite memories and so many of them are centered in the kitchen, with the family feasts and the baked cookies.  Don’t remember your kitchen as a cramped and cluttered space.  Put some thought into a remodel and call the experts at Craftsman Services today.

Kitchen Remodeling Can Save on Energy Costs


A home’s kitchen often is the center of activity: the heartbeat of the house, where guests and family gather together to enjoy a morning meal or share the remnants of the day. However, changing needs, aging technology, and a dated look could mean it is time consider a kitchen remodeling project.

There are any number of reasons people seek out expert help to upgrade their kitchen. One of the top reasons is to improve the function of the kitchen. Changing family sizes (bigger or smaller) can mean rearranging the kitchen to better suit the needs of your family. For example, you may now have two or more cooks and need more room at the stove, sink, or preparation area. And if a lot of your recipes and cooking instructions come from the Internet, a computer station nearby could very well come in handy.

Improving the chances for interaction and entertaining is another reason for a kitchen remodel, and could require some major changes to the size and shape of your kitchen. Knocking down some walls to open the kitchen to other rooms will keep the cook from being isolated from family and friends. It can invite guests to take part, making the preparation for the festivities part of the party.

If you are considering your options for kitchen remodeling, it is best to start with ideas and information from experts, to create the kitchen of your dreams. Contact the professionals of Craftsmen today to get started on your new kitchen.

5 Tips for Successful Home Remodeling in Columbus


Making the decision to remodel your Columbus home is a big step for most families and often has to fit inside a limited budget.  To get the most of your home remodel, follow these 5 tips and you’ll thank yourself later.

Plan Ahead

As with any project of scope and value, it’s very important to keep the big picture in mind and create a detailed plan for the project.  Factor in all costs and financial concerns and any help you’ll need.  It’s wise to have all the details like colors and designs worked out before the work begins.

Find Good Help

When trusting someone with a home repair, don’t shop the bargain bins for talent.  A quality home remodeling contractor can save you immense headache and cost in the long run.  Research local reviews and Google Columbus Custom Remodeling to find the best quality craftsmen and trust their valuable expertise.

Insist on a Detailed Contract

Moving forward with a home renovation without a sturdy contract is dangerous.  It’s vitally important that you and your Columbus home remodeling contractor set specific guidelines for the work to be performed, the expectations of the project, and the costs associated with the work.   Be aware of conditional clauses that may apply if the project changes or hits a snag.

Pack up Your Valuables

This tip is not meant to create mistrust in your valued contractors or their crew, but more to highlight the reality that a major work site will be set up inside your home with more dangers than the typical living space is used to.   It’s a good idea to put valuables, particularly those that are easily damaged, safely in the attic or basement until the job is complete.  The same tip can be said for making sure pets and children are clear of the crew’s working space to avoid undue injury.

Communicate Clearly

If you’ve planned ahead and hired the best crew you can find, you’ll want to make sure the contractor understands your vision and plan clearly without any confusion.  If you have comments or concerns about the process, be sure to communicate these clearly to the contractor in charge of the operation, otherwise confusion can result in a work product you’re unhappy with.

Custom remodeling in Columbus can be a rewarding endeavor if you approach it with careful planning and clear expectations.

6 Ways to Save Money on Your Remodel


When it comes to custom home renovations in Columbus, breaking the bank is everyone’s primary fear.  Alleviate those fears by considering a few of these simple strategies for saving money and optimizing the project.

1. Efficiency Over Size

If the kitchen is cramped and inconvenient for daily use by your family, the first natural instinct is to want to knock out the walls and expand the space.   Oftentimes this is not necessary if you simply utilize the existing space more efficiently.  This can mean smaller, more compact appliances or rethinking the shelf space with expanding cabinets.

2.  Consider Solar Tubes over Skylights

Solar Tubes are metal tube structures that funnel sunlight into lower rooms without actually making structural adjustments to the walls or ceiling.  This can save you money and create a fascinating conversation piece.

3.   Plan your Remodel around Deals

If you plan your project wisely you can often spot deals and sales on the very materials and appliances you’ll need for the interior remodel.   This can be extremely cost-saving when doing the kitchen or bath where all the appliances can take up most of your budget.

4.  Avoid Changing Plumbing or Electrical Wiring

Most remodeling jobs are for aesthetic purposes and don’t necessarily require complete structural changes.  If you can avoid rerouting pipes and wiring, you’ll save a large chunk of coin in the process.  This can free up money for more pleasing upgrades like floors, cabinets, and trim. 

5.  Work with Your Contractor to Find Savings

Most custom home renovations experts in Columbus are familiar with the best places to buy discounted building materials.  If you work hand-in-hand with your contractor, you can save a significant amount of money on the raw materials.

4 Trends in Kitchen Remodeling


The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you entertain and where your family gathers. It’s extremely important that when remodeling your kitchen you think about what suits your personality and lifestyle while considering today’s top trends. Four trends in 2014 kitchen remodels are:

  • Dark or white kitchen cabinets - Natural oak is turning into a thing of the past. Pure white and very dark (think furniture-like finishes) are currently very popular for cabinets.
  • Islands reinvented – The traditional kitchen island has been reinvented to fit your lifestyle. Islands are now three-dimensional, functioning as food-prep areas, snack stations, wine storage, and display cabinets for your precious items. They also help to partition an open floor plan and direct guests toward seating areas.
  • Glass finishes – Glass isn’t just for cabinet doors anymore. It is showing up as tiles in backsplashes as well. Today’s contemporary look can be accomplished by applying clear glass panels over walls painted soft colors, giving walls a deep sheen.
  • Airy kitchens - Outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas are growing in popularity. Connecting your outdoor kitchen to its indoor counterpart makes the space as functional as it is fun.


Contact Craftsman today and get your kitchen on trend for 2014!

Big Ideas in Little Places


Your bathroom should be a relaxing place in your home. It should be the place where you can take care of your personal business comfortably and efficiently. Completing tasks in the bathroom becomes difficult when the space is small, particularly if you share the bathroom with family members or roommates. Cramped bathrooms often make you feel stressed, which is not a great way to start off your day.  Small bathrooms can still be a comfortable personal space, however. It’s all about selecting design elements to maximize your space.

Replacing key fixtures in your bathroom is one of the best ways to improve your space and give you more room. The shower takes up the most room in the bathroom, and selecting the wrong utilities for your shower makes your bathroom feel restricted. Replacing a shower curtain with a clear shower door often makes a huge improvement to the feel of your room. Many decorators opt for a completely open shower with indented drains so that there is no door impeding the space. Also, always select a large mirror for your bathroom to give the eye the appearance of a bigger room.

Storage can be a major issue when working with small spaces. You want your bathroom to have enough room for towels and personal hygiene products. Converting one wall into a double sink gives you more room if you share a bathroom and also provides more counter space as well as storage underneath. Installing shelves around the room and overhead cabinets creates more storage as well.

Small doesn’t have to mean cramped if you make smart choices when selecting bathroom fixtures. Choosing a layout that maximizes storage and gives the appearance of a larger room will reduce stress and create a space that’s both functional and pleasant.

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Welcome to our new virtual home! We’ve gone through our own renovation–there’s nothing quite like freshening up your surroundings with a new look. On this page you’ll find articles covering a wide range of topics including everything from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to preparing your home for an appointment.

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