What is your process?

After scheduling an appointment we will come to your home, see ‘The Project,’ and work with you to develop an initial design. We will email you a quote for the labor and an estimated cost of materials.

What happens after I ‘accept’ an estimate?

If you accept our estimate, we will schedule a start date. We have a 90% on-time start rate. Occasionally, the previous job may take one or two days longer than expected. You will be contacted ahead of your start date if this happens. Once we start your project, you are given the same respect to finish your job before we start the next one.

What time should I expect you to arrive/depart each work day?

We start our day around 7:00 a.m. when we gather our tools and materials and travel to your home.

We start work around 9:00 a.m. each day. The hours we work each day depend on the effort it takes to complete the day’s task. Demolition is especially tiring. We may work 5 or 6 hours on these days.
Things that effect hours worked are:
• Availability of materials
• Scheduling of inspections
• Manpower availability
• Weather
• Client Schedules
• Availability of Subcontractors

Should I expect any delays?

On occasion, cabinets are damaged upon receipt from the store. Parts could be missing. Tiles could be damaged or missing. Plumbing supplies can be ordered incorrectly. Shower doors usually take two weeks to be made. Granite and marble counter generally take two weeks after cabinets are installed.

What inspections are needed for my project?

Inspections are needed if new plumbing, electrical or walls are being installed. The rule of thumb is, if it’s existing and just being replaced, a permit is not necessary. Inspections have to be called in the day before inspection is done. Some municipalities only do electrical and plumbing inspections on certain days, i.e. : Monday/Wednesday/Friday
There are generally three inspections necessary: Electrical/Plumbing/Structural
• Electrical and plumbing must pass before structural can be completed.
• If any inspections do not pass, the problem must be corrected and scheduled the following day.
• If permit is obtained, Ohio Law requires (handwired) smoke detectors be installed in all sleeping
rooms and basements.

How do you protect my home during demolition?

We cover your carpet with clear plastic. Plastic walls are erected when necessary to contain the dust. You can expect some dust to escape during the demolition process.

How do you remove debris?

We like to use dumpsters when possible. If you prefer not to have one, let us know, and we will make other arrangements.

Are your employees specialized in all aspects of home remodeling?

Different employees have specialized skills. We like to have our most skilled employee at your job for a particular task, and usually the wait time is less than one day. Other work can be completed until the person is available. We are a small company and occasionally someone is ill, which could delay work for a day or two.

Many of our clients have unusual work schedules. We will work with you to complete the project at your convenience.

We don’t try to be the best at everything. We use a licensed plumber and electrician for our work. Of course, we have to work within their schedules for availability.

Is there a deposit required?

We have a simple, straightforward contract. On jobs under $10,000, we require half down. Jobs over $10,000 are divided into thirds. Materials used are added to each invoice.

How do you bill for materials?

Materials are billed at cost. Any vendors who offer us a discount, the discount is passed on to our client. Clients can purchase their own materials, and we can install them. Heavy items, such as tile, purchased by the client can be picked up by Craftsmen Service at no charge. Some vendors require us to purchase the material to receive the discount.

A copy of all purchases by Craftsmen Service will be provided to the customer.

What if I’m unsatisfied with something?

Just tell us. If we are doing something you don’t like, please let us know. If you have any questions about what we are doing, please ask.

Do you clean up the workspace every day?

We clean up each day after work is completed. If our cleanup is not sufficient, please let us know.