Get the Best Bang for Your Buck with Columbus Home Remodeling


As the warm weather of summer sets in, many homeowners are preparing for home improvement projects and remodels. Whether you are remodeling your home to capitalize on the current market, or to update your space to your style, it is important to make improvements that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Very often, small and inexpensive changes to your home can make the biggest impact. Painting is the cheapest way to drastically change the look of your home – both on the inside and out! Remember to keep colors neutral if you have plans to sell your home in the near future.

In the Midwest, finished basements are very popular. However, you may want to think twice before finishing your basement as a way to increase the value of your house. On average, a homeowner who remodels their basement may only see a 63 percent return on investment. If you’re looking for a lasting investment to increase the value of your home, opt for a kitchen remodel. Kitchen remodeling costs less, is highly trafficked during home showings, and offer a higher return on investment!

Contact Craftsman today for expert guidance on how to best use your home remodeling budget.

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