Where Families Gather – The Kitchen

For many people, their kitchen is one of the most important rooms of their home. It is a gathering space for families to come together, eat, and share parts of their day. Because of this, families in and outside of Columbus remodel their kitchens so that they are one of the most comfortable places in their home.

At Craftsmen Service Company, we are a small, family-run business, so we know the importance of a kitchen remodeling. We work with families to create rooms that will last them for generations. When we remodel kitchens, we work closely with families to ensure that we can perfect their vision.  We’ll help you pick out the proper materials and aesthetic that will fit you and your family.

Attention to Detail

When remodeling a kitchen, we take the time to do the job right. This means we go over assessments and plans with you to make sure everything is to your liking before any physical work is done. However, we do know that in-home construction can be taxing for a family, so we try to make everything go as smoothly as possible for you. If we have to remove a sink to work on your kitchen, we will make sure that you have a replacement sink so that you can continue to use your existing kitchen as much as possible.

If you have any questions about if a kitchen remodel is right for you, give us a call anytime at (614) 404-7169.