Overall a very good experience. I enjoyed working with Luke, Adam, Greg and Bill. I am enjoying my new kitchen. Craftsmen respected my home and took care not to make a mess of my home during the project. They have good subcontractors for electrical and plumbing. The job was done in the time frame I expected and to my expectations. They communicated well and I always knew when someone would be in my house. I felt comfortable allowing them to come and go when I was not at home.

They were absolutely awesome. They were timely and acted as the general contractor for the sub contractors. They gave great advice on my kitchen and gave a professional informative decision. They were an expert in their field. They also pointed us in the right direction for materials at a lower price. It took about 2 and a half months to complete all the work. We are satisfied with the outcome.

Bill and his team helped update two bathrooms. They installed ceramic tile in one of the full bathrooms. They also installed a new toilet and vanity (including any related plumbing) in two bathrooms. We had some issues with the faucets we selected, but Bill’s team told us the correct kind to get. They also procured the appropriate supplies if they had not been provided passing the cost through to us. It was very nice that they just took care of business. We appreciated that they completed the work on time and pretty close to the quoted price.

Bill and his crew installed a new kitchen island, relocated the stovetop, installed a new oven and microwave. They also installed new pendant lights and coordinated with the plumbing, electrical work and countertop installers This is the second large job Craftsmen have completed for us, and again, they did a fantastic job! Bill and his crew are always professional and punctual. They always have creative solutions to any challenges that might arise, and this makes the job run smoothly and on-time.
Bill and crew demo’d our old island and installed our new one, they also moved the cooktop to the island (and coordinated the plumbing and electrical needed to do this). The installation of the island looks amazing and the finishing is very professional. The plumbing/electrical inside of the cabinet also looks good and is very tidy. They also ran a new vent for the cooktop, this ran through the crawl-space under the house to an outside wall. The work here is very well done and the finishing outside looks great.
They also installed a wall-mount oven where there was previously a slide-in unit. One of their best creative solutions was the way they made the oven look like it had always been there (see pic). We were very impressed with the quality of work here.
They also installed a new microwave and coordinated the installation of new pendant lights. Bill and crew also coordinated with our countertop installers and worked with their schedule- they were very flexible and worked to complete the job as quickly as possible. The job was finished right on time and we LOVE our new kitchen! We will continue to hire Craftsmen for future projects- we highly recommend them.

I was very happy with the work done by Bill Shepherd and his team at Craftsmen Service company. I have a small full bathroom that was in desperate need of a complete overhaul. This was my first remodeling project and Bill was helpful in recommending places to find quality materials that turned out looking very nice. Bill and his team gutted the bathroom down to the studs and literally remodeled/replaced everything in the room. The project took longer than I anticipated but Bill was very responsive when I reached out with any concerns I had and was able to get major parts of the project done when I needed them to be completed. I appreciate all work that the team at Craftsmen Service Co. did to make my bathroom look great!

I can’t say enough good things about Craftsmen Service Co! After my husband and I had recently (6 months previously) undergone a renovation/extension of our house and had a not-so-pleasant experience (another contractor) we were not looking forward to renovating bathrooms – but knew it was necessary for us to stay in our house. Every step along the way Craftsmen not only met – but exceeded – our expectations. Here are some of the specifics regarding of how they did
1. Pricing/Quote/Completion time – Scheduling a quote was easy, they showed up promptly and were well prepared (even had a computer CAD representation of what our new bathrooms would look like so we could “see” the 3D end result). Their pricing was very fair and very detailed (everything was itemized on the approximate cost). The start date was actually sooner than we anticipated (only 2 weeks after we accepted their bid) which for us was a nice plus! They did quote us 4 weeks on each bathroom, however, it was extended to approximately 6 weeks each but due to some “surprises” (water damage we didn’t know about, venting issues in the attic, and other plumbing/electrical surprises). We also went on vacation for 2 weeks so that also delayed the final time to completion.
At the conclusion of the job the final payment was EXACTLY what they said it was in the quote- of course there were the additional costs for some of the “surprises” I mentioned (and each of these were itemized so we could see where the additional cost occurred) – but they did not increase the charge on what they said it would cost (a HUGE difference from our previous contractor). They also gave us receipts for EVERYTHING so that we could go back and “double check” their math (they even encouraged this). At the end of the job he also returned some of the unused supplies to give us a “credit” – not something he had to do but much appreciated on the wallet.
2. Integrity – For us this was HUGE -since the contractor and their employees would be coming into our home we wanted someone we could trust. Not only are they trustworthy in regards to cost (see above) but also in regards to making sure their employees and subcontractors (tile guy, plumber, electrician) are of upstanding quality.
3. Courteous – I had not had this high on my list when looking for a contractor – but with 2 small kids (a 2 yr-old and a 1 yr old) I should have put it much higher when thinking about the noise polution aspect. When I talked with Luke and Adam about my kid’s nap schedules and asked if they “could” work around it they said they would – and the DID! Not only did they make sure that their work was “non-noisy” during my children’s nap time but they also scheduled the plumber, electrician and tile guy around our kid’s nap schedule – I can’t emphasize how much this made my life easier!!!
Also they cleaned up after themselves…EVERY time! Even if they were just going to lunch they swept/cleaned up – they even did it if I told them they didn’t have to (“this is just part of doing a good job” was what Luke told me one time). Upon completion of the job they even made sure that our garage (aka storage area while the project was going on) was cleaned up and swept out).
4. Quality – If I could give an A+++ I would in this category – because this is what really matters, right?! After all is said and done and they are gone – you want the renovation to look and function great! We have not had ANY issues from their work (and I am writing this review 3 months after the fact from when they finished my kid’s bathroom). I am going to break this category down into function and aesthetics – because both have equal but different weight
A. Function – during the demolition process we had found several “surprises” mainly due to the previous owners trying to “do it themselves” and not doing things up to code, or just doing it dangerously! We even found water damage and a rotten floor in our master bath that was just covered up. They made sure to not only fix these issues but also made sure their work was done right. They also made the most out of space. Both of our bathrooms are relatively small spaces, but they designed them in such a way as to make the space “feel” bigger because it was being utilized more appropriately – however, they did so in an economical way (trying to keep some of the main plumbing in the same place to save on plumbing costs)
B. Aesthetics – the rooms look AMAZING!!! And they even helped out in this area – they put us in touch with some great people (Chad at the Tile Shop – kuddos on making our tile work look great) as well as Jackie from Fergusons (she REALLY helped us utilize the space by assisting with picking out appliances/fixtures that would be kid-friendly and also make the space “feel” bigger). We even got a discount – again, which helped the ole’ wallet! However, our custom cabinets and vanities really make the room look great (they even created a step stool inside our kid’s vanity to help free up space/clutter in the room).
5. Responsiveness – A+++ in this area. Every time I called….every time…they got back to me – and promptly too! This was big for me – especially since I couldn’t always be present everyday to make sure that communication was happening. They also routinely did an e-mailed “update” so I would know what had happened, what was scheduled to happen that week, and what was left (great for helping me plan).
6. Worked until it was right – I knew from my previous renovation that somethings aren’t always up to expectations the first time – but as long as the end product is what we want that’s what’s important…and Craftsmen did not disappoint. From painting our bathroom more than once when the color wasn’t quite what I wanted – to repolishing tile when my husband wanted it “just a bit shinier” they kept at it until we were happy…and again…at not additional charge to us (see above). At the end of the renovation they even encouraged us to call if we found things later on.
Long story short – I would HIGHLY recommend Craftsmen Service Co. We will certainly be using them again in the future for our remodeling needs!

Craftsman Service was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. They were prompt, reliable and responsive. They had great design ideas and good attention to detail. Work was done very well, workers were friendly and neat. I would highly recommend this company.

I called Bill to get an estimate for work on my master bathroom. We were looking for a replacement of the tub, shower, toilet, vanity, counter top and light fixtures, in addition to tile in the shower and on the floor.
Bill estimated that the work would take about 4 weeks, optimistically 3. He laid out a plan for when they would be doing each step of the process and we agreed on a start date of 12/10. His crew arrived promptly each day and cleaned up after themselves throughout the demo/remodeling process. They did put down plastic and paper to protect my carpeting and floors.
I am very happy with the work done, my bathroom is completely transformed! They were done with the job in under 4 weeks and right on budget. We did end up having a new toilet, tub, shower & tile, tile floor, vanity/sink/counter top and light fixture put in. I am very happy with the choices I made with the fixtures, with Bill’s recommendation.
I am already looking at other projects for them to do around the house

Their price for their work was about half of 2 other quotes and we are very pleased with the results. All workers were very professional and courteous even when we added “as long as you’re here could you….?” Our bathroom looks great and we have gotten many complements. When the pre-purchased mirror was too large for the space Bill took it and had it cut down at no charge!
We definitely will use again.

Bill is very personable and is concerned about all details to ensure an excellent job and customer experience. He and his crew were very professional and did an outstanding job.  I would highly recommend him for remodel jobs and plan on using him again for my next project.

Craftsman Service Co. remodeled our 5 by 9′ bathroom, focus on the tub/shower surround which had leaked for years. They tore out existing tub, tiled sub surround, drywall, and the flooring all the way to the floor joists, and all of the subfloor in rest of bathroom. They had to remove toilet (in order to work on the floor) and removed existing vinyl flooring. Also, they installed a pedestal sink in my other bathroom. Then they installed a new subfloor throughout, full new floor in tub area, new greenboard in tub surround, cultured marble tub surround, new plumbing, installed new shower/faucet, new cast iron bathtub, reinstalled toilet, laid the new vinyl floor, and installed baseboard. The quality of their work is perfect, I couldnt be happier with the way the bathroom turned out. The remodel is perfect you can tell it was professionally done. The way they worked with me, I felt like I was treated like family, they are very responsive and easy to communicate with. Bill Shepherd (owner) performed the estimate and was there throughout the whole process. He gave great advice as to using the cultured marble (wouldnt have thought of that on my own, and I love it…) because I didnt want tile in the bathroom, and, he was very thoughtful about how to perform the remodel and stay within my budget. They were also very flexible when I unexpectedly chose a very heavy tub, and failed to tell them, he called up some movers and handled it without a hitch. Also having to replace the whole floor and not just the subfloor was an unexpected and big change in their process but again, they took care of it and still finished on schedule it didnt set them back. Each day they cleaned up all of the mess, were careful not to damage the floors on their way in and out of the house, and were friendly, polite and a pleasure to work with. I will be calling them again for any other work that we need on the house, and highly recommend them to anyone.